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Addicted to Email

Nine out of 10 check personal email at work, says an Adobe study. Two out of 10 check their inboxes constantly.

How an Abundance of Data is Changing Segmenting

Marketers have access to more data than ever, but the work continues to get the most out it.

Oracle Makes New Addition to Its Marketing Cloud

It acquires A/B testing and segmentation company Maxymiser.

Helpshift keeps CRM in-app

Helpshift brings customer relationships inside the app experience

In-Store Technology and Consumer Preferences

A survey shows that today's retailers have a golden opportunity to better understand consumers—though they should proceed with caution.

YouTube: One More Walled Garden

Removing the video channel's ad inventory from AdX is a bad move for all concerned, especially Google, insiders say.

Salesforce Announces Instagram Integration

Instagram currently boasts engagement levels of 70 million daily photo uploads and 2.5 billion likes per day.

Data Is Today's MarTech Purchase Driver

Experian Marketing Services announces enhancements to its Marketing Suite designed to better harness customer data.

IntellaSphere's budget marketing cloud

IntellaSphere's budget marketing cloud

Intellasphere launches a social marketing suite aimed at SMBs

Which Is Sexier, Data or Customer Experience?

Both can make a brand hot stuff if marketers use data to steer CX, says one data scientist.


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