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Facebook Metrics Maven Says Force Digital Staffers Out of Their Comfort Zones

And cookies must give way to people-based metrics for channel integration to work, Yongyong Kennedy says.

Marketers Need to Step Up Their Cross-Channel Game

Fewer than 30% of marketers track customers across touchpoints by using cookies.

Dreamforce Crowd Digs Mobile

Dreamforce attendees say mobile has dramatically improved their work this year; four out of five will incorporate wearables into the CRM mix.

First Insight Introduces New Platform

Leave the gun. Take the marketing software.

Study: TV Directs People to More Direct Channels

People watch 17 times more TV than YouTube. Broadcast's the gateway medium to more targeted channels, holds the Video Advertising Bureau.

Dreamforce 2015:Thunder and Lightning

Dreamforce 2015:Thunder and Lightning

Among the announcements at Dreamforce 2015 was the IoT cloud, powered by Thunder.

Livefyre Deal with Adobe, Salesforce Promises Exponential Growth

Livefyre Deal with Adobe, Salesforce Promises Exponential Growth

Livefyre announces integrations with Adobe and Salesforce to deliver user-generated content to brands

Accenture Teams Up With Salesforce

The pair offers consumer goods companies a single system of engagement for sales and trade marketing processes.

Act-On makes its enterprise move

Act-On makes its enterprise move

Act-On for Enterprise is a platform designed to meet the needs of large, global businesses with complex marketing needs

AOL To Buy Millennial Media for $238 Million

Following its own acquisition by Verizon, AOL broadens its programmatic capabilities in the mobile arena.


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