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The Hub is a sister brand to PRWeek, focusing on marketing, data, innovation, content, social and digital media, creativity, and the VC and startup worlds.

The Hub is underpinned by technology, but it is not about technology - it is about storytelling and the way communications and marketing is converging on the same space. It covers technology from the point of view of how brands and companies are telling their stories, rather than being product-focused.

The DNA of The Hub is rooted in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, but it also reflects innovation in New York City, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles and other areas of the US, as well as around the globe.

The Hub will comprise created, contributed, and curated content in a blog-style format, including sections such as What I Do, Start Me Up, and Hackathon. It will also include face-to-face events, conferences, and networking opportunities.

Here's a video explaining a bit more about what we do;

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