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US Government sponsors wearables

US Government sponsors wearables

The US government is investing millions of dollars in a Silicon Valley manufacturing innovation hub

Marketing Automation Arria NLG: data in, language out

Arria NLG: data in, language out

Dr Robert Dale explains use cases for natural language generation, including targeted ad campaigns

Marketing Automation

Addicted to Email

Nine out of 10 check personal email at work, says an Adobe study. Two out of 10 check their inboxes constantly.

Marketing Automation Five Minutes With: Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate

Five Minutes With: Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate

Scott Vaughan talks about the accelerating pace of technological change in marketing


How an Abundance of Data is Changing Segmenting

Marketers have access to more data than ever, but the work continues to get the most out it.

Customer Experience Seamless Customer Experience Fail

Seamless Customer Experience Fail

A major airline--and let's blame my smartphone too--fails the seamless customer experience test


Oracle Makes New Addition to Its Marketing Cloud

It acquires A/B testing and segmentation company Maxymiser.

Social Media Social comes naturally to Hootsuite

Social comes naturally to Hootsuite

Evidenced by Monster's recent achievements, Hootsuite is bringing its social touch to the enterprise market


4 Pillars of Search Engine Marketing Success

Join us on Tuesday, September 22 for our next Hub Webcast sponsored by Act-on Software as our esteemed speaker Martin Laetsch explore the ins and outs of Search Engine Marketing.


Helpshift keeps CRM in-app

Helpshift brings customer relationships inside the app experience


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